Australia leads winners pack in Round 1 of Young Glory's 2014/15 Season.

22 Oct 2014

Gold Award: 'Zero Bar' by DDB Sydney 

Gold Award: 'Zero Bar' by DDB Sydney 

Teams from Australia and New Zealand have picked up Gold, Silver and Finalist spots in the first round of Young Glory 2014/15 - the international advertising awards competition which test teams across 8 months and 8 briefs set by 8 different judges.

Round 1 judge was 72andSunny Amsterdam ECD Carlo Cavallone, who tasked participants with using technology to address obesity issues. He handed out 6 awards to the ANZ region.

"I was really happy with the work, in general," said Cavallone. A lot of people had similar ideas so I favoured those that had something more in terms of engagement, craft, and also those that could actually be made."

The Round 1 winners now have a headstart on winning Young Glory overall. The competition runs each month from September 2014 to April 2015. The overall winners from the Student and Professional category will then be flown to Montreal where they will be honoured at the C2 commerce + creativity conference.

View the Round 1 Results here.


Professional Gold:


Team: Sick Schticks
Members: Christian Tough, Iphigenia Kacopieros, Josephine Burns, Trong Ronakiat, Salah Ben-Brahim, Harry Towle & James Sexton
Agency: DDB Sydney
Country: Australia


Professional Silver:


Team: Frankie and Millie
Members: Frances Cooke & Millicent Malcolm
Agency: Clemenger BBDO Wellington
Country: New Zealand


Professional Finalist


Team: Sevenjhazi / Starmach
Members: Mark Starmach & Margaret Sevenjhazi
Agency: Edelman Sydney, DDB Sydney
Country: Australia



Team: Frankie and Millie
Members: Frances Cooke & Millicent Malcolm
Agency: Clemnger BBDO Wellington
Country: New Zealand



Team: Sash Kitulgoda
Members: Sash Kitulgoda
Agency: Big Red
Country: Australia


Student Finalist


Team: George & Billy
Members: George Howes & Billy Worthington
School: University of Auckland
Country: New Zealand
Password : foodfight