Entry Options

Is it individual entry only? How many people to a team?

Individuals or a team of 2 people can enter.

Do you have to compete in every monthly challenge to participate?

No. You can jump in and out as you please. You won't lose your points tally for not participating one month either. You only lose a valuable points opportunity.

Can I enter more than once a month?

Yes. If you have more than one good idea.

When is the deadline for each entry?

Each brief is due the last day of the month it was released. Los Angeles time is used to determine the 'time of day'.



Points & Judging

How are the points attributed?

Gold: 25 points

Silver: 18 points

Bronze: 15 points

Finalist: 10 points

Participation: 5   points

The judge can place multiple or no entries at each accolade level. Everything is at their discretion. You do not double-up on points. For example, if you win 25 points for Gold you do not also get 5 points for participation. However, if you have more than one campaign awarded in a given month, the points for each will be added to your total.

How do changes to the members of my team affect my total points?

People can be removed, but no one can be added. If someone gets added to your team, your tally begins again from scratch.

Do my points cross over between categories?

No. You stay in Professional or Student for the full season.

What are the judges looking for? Ideas? Execution? Strategy?

Like clients, each judge has their own criteria and can be convinced in different ways. Do whatever it takes to sell your idea.




What are the season dates?

September to April. A brief goes live at the start of each month (Pacific Daylight Time) and its deadline is midnight at the end of the same month. There are 8 briefs over the 8 months. 

Where do I submit an entry?


What media channel should I use for my idea? And how should it be presented?

Unless the brief asks for a specific channel, use whatever medium and presentation tactics you need to make your idea a winner. The only rule is you must be able to link to your idea with a URL.

Does my idea have to be integrated or include digital?

It depends on the brief. Generally there are no rules about what are and aren't the right mediums to choose. That is for you to decide.

Do my ideas have to be fully produced?

No. Just mock up enough to make the judges get it and go "wow".

My idea relies on some futuristic technology. Can I enter it?

Yes. But make sure it is the best solution to the brief.

Can I change the work once I've entered it?

If you can change what sits under your supplied URL, go for it. If a significant problem occurs regarding your entry contact info@youngglory.com.

Does the work have to be in English?

Yes. If work is in a foreign language, please add subtitles.



Eligibility & Identity

Who is eligible to enter?

Students enrolled at any institution at any time over the 8-month season can enter the Student category. Anyone, from the ad industry or elsewhere can participate in the Professional category. You do not have to be under 30 years old either.

Do you check if people are eligible?

Yes. Especially if you win something.

Can we get help from people who aren't eligible to enter?

Yes. You are free to use whatever resources you can to bring your idea to life.

I am not an advertising student, creative or 'ad person'. Can I participate?

Yes. You are the ones who keep everyone else on their toes.

I graduate and/or begin work within the 8 month season. Which category do I choose?

If you are enrolled as a student at any point during the Young Glory Season (September to April) then you are eligible to participate in the student category. You are welcome to compete in the Professional category though.

What if my team has some professional and some students listed in the team?
Because you have professionals in your team, you have to enter the Professional category.

How many people can be in a team?

Teams can be a maximum of 2 people. You can also participate as an individual if you wish.

What happens if my team members change over the course of 8 months?

A person can leave a team, but no one can be added. If someone new gets added to your team, your tally begins again.




How much does it cost to enter?

A yearly Young Glory membership is $250 USD. You pay upfront and then enter free-of-charge for the rest of the season as many times as you like. You can get your membership here.

Can I cancel a membership?

Once a membership has been  used, it cannot be refunded. If it has not been used (i.e. an entry has not been submitted yet) contact us at info@youngglory.com to discuss a refund.

Is there a late fee?

A deadline is a deadline. There is no such thing as a late fee.



Where do I turn when all else seems lost?

Please contact info@youngglory.com

Can you help me get a work visa into another country?

We are happy to write a letter that states your participation and accomplishments in Young Glory. Email brendan@youngglory.com for assistance.