Last season's winners were early birds.

We captured their thoughts on advertising and creativity while at C2 Montreal:


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What our judges say about young glory.

An 8-month process identifies the most consistently creative entrants, something any recruiter will tell you is at the top of their list when hunting for talent.
— Saneel Radia - SVP, Business Transformation, R/GA
I wish I had something like Young Glory when I started my career. Lots of love.
— Ale Lariu, ECD, Frog NYC
I encourage all the entrants to come back for each of the 8 briefs and put as much passion and energy into them as they can. I guarantee that by the end of the 8 months you will have at least one strong campaign to add to your portfolio.
— Graham Kelly, Regional ECD Bates CHI&Partners
The idea of creative consistency is a really great starting point for a young talent award. How many one hit wonder pop acts have there been? It’s the artists that consistently produce great work that end up being remembered.
— Gav Gordon-Rogers, Creative Partner, DigitasLBi