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Grisha Sorokin.



I was born in Novosibirsk, Siberia. Opened my own design studio there and it worked well. But I was invited to lead Creative and Design department in famous Russian digital agency in Moscow. I was 17.

After two years Leo Burnett asked me to become Interactive Creative Director for Leo Burnett Group Russia. In 5 years they promoted me to Chief Creative Innovation Officer, Eastern Europe. That time I also owned game dev company. One day that company merged with nice digital agency, so we got a new digital agency. Two years ago I left beloved Leo to develop my own business with partners.

Now we have offices in Moscow and Amsterdam (GOOD Moscow and GOOD Amsterdam), working with local and international clients. Besides the agency we have two more companies: travel service in New York and game dev in Moscow and Kiev. I'm writing a book about Wine and Burgers.


Create a campaign that uncovers or creates the motivation for people to stick to healthy nutrition.
— Grisha Sorokin

More and more people are aware of healthy foods these days. They understand calories, proteins and carbs.

This is, in large part, thanks to health organisations and big brands educating people about healthy nutrition.

But there is something wrong with this process.

Even people who are 100% aware of healthy food facts often don't use that knowledge. They know how exactly how unhealthy food affects them, but will break their healthy nutrition routine over and over again. They might not even start to do it right at all.

So the education is there already. But it’s obviously not the solution. These people lack motivation.

Your task is to create a campaign that uncovers or creates the motivation for people to stick to healthy nutrition. Presume that the people you target are already aware of what's good for them and how nutrition generally works. They just need to somehow stay focused. They need to turn healthy nutrition into something they do every day — like brushing their teeth. You might use a personal approach or tap into empowering people through communities.

This task is half strategic and half creative. Let's hope it helps to discover a broad range of thinking.


Brief Deadline: Midnight (Pacific Daylight Time) March 31st 2015