Round 1 of 8: September

Judge: Marcus Rebeschini



"First of all let me apologize on the long awaited delay in announcing the winner. Young Glory received an amazing 302 entries for me to judge so it took a little bit of time to get through them all, more importantly give them the time they deserved.

There were a lot of good first thoughts, and as you grow in your careers that's the main thing you need to learn, kill your first thoughts, move past the ones that come easily, because you can be sure it comes as easily to many others as well.

One great idea that explained the correlation between tap water and the cost of bottle water stood out for me, but didn't quite close the loop of "if water was as expensive as bottled water would you waste it as much?" But definitely a great try and merit goes to the creative/creatives whom did the idea.

But there can only be one winner this round and the reason I chose the idea was due to it felt like a big idea that would not only get some mileage for the clients brand but more so help spread the message of "turn off the tap".

Before I sign off, I'll will leave you all with a thought. If you saw your own personal idea but it was produced by someone else, would it make you "Turn off the tap"? If not then what would you change about your idea to make it work harder? Thanks everyone!"

- Marcus

Gold (25 points)




"Project RIO"

Team: Chris Connolly & Rosie Double
Agency: Clemenger BBDO
Location: Brisbane, Australia



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Silver (18 points)


Professional & STUDENT

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Bronze (15 points)


Professional & STUDENT

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Finalist (10 points)


Professional & STUDENT

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