Round 1 of 8: September

Marcus Rebeschini.



In 2015 Y&R was the first ever agency from Asia to win an Award at SXSW (South by Southwest), the only network in Asia to win the Cannes Chimera twice, won their first ever Cannes Lion, a Gold, for Myanmar with Red Fuse, became the No.2 Network Of The Year in Asia Pacific at Cannes 2014, was the most awarded mobile agency at Spikes Asia, and was crowned S.E.Asia Network of the Year by Campaign Magazine for the networks new business growth and creativity. Plus Marcus Rebeschini continued as Chief Creative Officer of Asia for Y&R.


Get people across the world to close the tap when they are brushing their teeth in the morning and night.
— Marcus Rebeschini

Objective: Get people across the world to close the tap when they are brushing their teeth in the morning and night.

Challenge: Most people get up only after their second alarm, and they’re groggy and not entirely awake when they stumble into the bathroom to brush their teeth. The challenge is to create a message that will remind them in this state to actually Close the Tap when brushing.

Truth: Most working people today wake up without much enthusiasm for the day, they would all rather lie in for another hour than get up and face the day, especially at work. There’s widespread awareness about the need to start the day in a positive tone to get the most out of it, but they simply can’t think beyond their immediate chores to motivate themselves positively. Closing the Tap when brushing is a conscious act; it’s one which you do because you want to do something good for the world. It’s a good reason to start happy.

Answer: Start the day with good. Close the Tap when brushing.

Deliverable:  A Big Idea that’s more than a TV spot or an app or a digital idea. Something unexpected that drives action.

Facts to help: If you leave the tap running it wastes 6 litres per minute. That’s almost enough water for a child in Africa for drinking and eating, washing and basic sanitation for a day. All in just 2 minutes of your brushing.


Brief Deadline: Midnight (Pacific Daylight Time) September 30th 2015