Round 2 of 8: October

Colleen Harlan.



Colleen Harlan, Creative Director, is a writer by trade but a curiosity seeker by design. She co-manages Nike brand work at R/GA, New York.

She’s spent her career building brands worthy of meaningful engagement. It is her job to find the story in the data, the beauty in the brand. The majority of her career has been spent at R/GA with stints at Goodby Silverstein & Partners and J. Walter Thompson. She’s won the Pencils, Lions, and Clios. Colleen is a graduate of Florida State University and Miami Ad School.


How would you convince citizens and politicians around the globe to support the influx of refugees?
— Colleen Harlan

The Situation:

They risked everything. Gave all they had. Endured smugglers, rough seas, hunger, sickness and death. Some even made it. Only to be kept out. Blocked. Kicked. Battered. Humiliated. Walls have been put up. Trains stalled. Gates closed. Xenophobia turned to full blast.

The Syrian refugee crisis isn’t a third world problem. It isn’t a Europe problem. It’s a human problem. 

But there’s hope. There’s this and this and this.

The Challenge:

How would you as a writer/artist/designer/idea ninja/dynamo team convince citizens and politicians around the globe to support the influx of refugees? Only by changing public opinion can refugees begin to find the peace and stability of a permanent home.

The work:

Is it a social campaign? A storytelling campaign? A product or service? Maybe it’s a new way to use the sharing economy. Bring your campaign to life in whatever medium or format works best. The goal is to change perception. It’s not an easy task but it’s so worth it.


Brief Deadline: Midnight (Pacific Daylight Time) October 31st 2015