Round 3 of 8: November

Group Creative Director, Droga5 New York

After completing a design degree, Andrew landed a job at TBWA Sydney, where he stayed for many years; creating games for cereal brands, banners for banks, and great websites for bad movies. One project even (accidentally) influenced changes to US law.

Andrew then moved to Droga5 to work in a more integrated role. Since then, he’s worked across some of the biggest brands in Australia, Asia and the USA. Highlights include his work for ‘World Humanitarian Day’, which partnered the UN, Beyoncé and dozens of other celebrities to reach over a billion people through social media.

His work has been featured in all major industry, and mainstream news publications. And he's also picked up a number of awards for his troubles; from the likes of Cannes, The Webbys, D&AD, The One Show and more.



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'Shift the perception of self driving cars.'

Andrew Fergusson

The Background:

In the not-too-distant future, autonomous cars will start to become the norm (probably). And car owners will benefit from their added safety, increased productivity, cheaper insurance, smoother ride and many other things. But there will always be those who reject the new and want to stay in control behind the wheel. So how do we persuade those potential customers to embrace the future?

The Product:

A self-driving family car from a major car company (you pick the name and brand).

The Audience:

Middle class 40-50 year old men and women. They have kids and stable careers (but not wealthy). They are comfortable with technology (it’s the near future, after all) but still remember a time before smartphones and the sharing economy.

The Barriers:

Our audience may be slightly nostalgic and set in their ways, so how could we overcome that, or use it to our advantage?

There will be a lot of debate around the safety of autonomous vehicles (like the ‘Trolley Problem’), so how do we combat that in our ideas?

People simply enjoy driving, so how do show that we’re not taking anything away from the experience (maybe there’s a technology solve)?

The Ask:

Come up with a creative platform or idea that will shift the audience’s perception of this new mode of transportation. How would we talk about it? How would we demonstrate the benefits? How could we encourage ‘test rides’? What will generate PR buzz?

Deadline for Round 3: November 30th 2017, 11:59pm Los Angeles time.