Round 4 of 8: December

executive Creative Director and founder, party tokyo and nyc

Masashi Kawamura is the Executive Creative Director & Founder of the Creative Lab PARTY in Tokyo & New York. His background in coding and film directing helped him create work that weaves together storytelling and technology, which has been recognized in various international award shows. He continues to explore creativity in variety of fields beyond advertising, including music videos, product design, and digital installations, and has been chosen as one of the Creativity magazine’s "Creative 50," and Fast Company’s “100 most creative people in business”.

Brief: "2020 Paralympics"


Think of an idea that brings more attention and buzz around the Paralympics

Masashi Kawamura

This is a super open brief for the 2020 Paralympics.

Tokyo will be holding the Olympics & Paralympics in 2020. Your task is to think of an idea that brings more attention and buzz around the Paralympics (hopefully more than the Olympics!). Think of the Paralympics committee being your client.

The idea can take any form. It can simply be a kick-ass promo video or a digital campaign, or it can be a service that supplements the event, a product, event, or whatever you feel is right to generate the buzz. Just make sure that there is a strong & simple idea at its core.

Food for thought:

- What are the technologies potentially available in 2020? What may become the norm of tomorrow?

- How can you make social impact using this occasion? What's a strong message you can send to the world around the Paralympics?

- How can experiencing the sports event change in the future? How can we use 2020 to show an example of that?

Deadline for Round 4: January 5th 2018, 11:59pm Los Angeles time.