Round 8 of 8: April


Raeburn has spent 20+ years crafting some of Australia’s most creative and innovative digital solutions for brands such as Unilever, Xbox, ING, 20th Century Fox, Coca Cola, Lion, Tourism Australia and Lego. His passion for developing genuinely valued and relevant consumer experiences being the consistent thread.

Raeburn was Manager Director at Soap Creative when it won interactive agency of the year 4 years in a row. He then became CEO at UM Australia and is now in charge of UM's fellow IPG company Ansible. 

Ross is a strong supporter of Young Glory and has kindly offered to judge the brief below, which was set by the organisers of C2 Montréal.



"Make climate change reversal the #1 priority on the global agenda."

C2 Montréal Team

Climate change is real and it’s here.

It’s undeniable.

And It seems too late for small gestures to have a real impact on the issue.

It’s time to take a radical stance to make climate change reversal the #1 priority on the global agenda – for people, corporations, NGOs and yes, politicians – and to act together towards a sustainable solution.

Find an organization(s) of your choice – a person, a for-profit or a non-profit - to work with to get the movement started and make it a priority for everybody to take collective action.

Deadline for Round 8: April 30th 2018, 11:59pm Los Angeles time.