Round 3 of 8: November

Judge: Ian Grais

National creative director, rethink


" Congratulations to all the finalists and winners and thanks to all who worked hard on their submissions! In general the winning solutions were unique and original enough to be memorable and attract attention and earn media beyond their suggested mediums. I was also looking for immediacy and impact given the serious nature of this issue, there's no time to be subtle. Finally I was looking for solutions that felt realistic and achievable.

Many ideas presented weren't really ideas but just partnerships or mediums. Because this is a creative contest, I decided that it was not enough to just present a possible celebrity, app or product partnership, but that there has to be a smart, memorable idea as well. There were also many submissions that required too many steps before discovering the message, unfortunately these didn't feel like they would have enough impact to solve this problem. 

Thanks for your hard work and best of luck with your creative careers."


- Ian

Gold (25 points)





Team: Michael Yang
Agency: Freelance
Country: Melbourne






No golds were awarded in the student category.


Silver (18 points)





Team: Wilson Tan & Winona Wee
Agencies: The Idea Lab
Country: Singapore



Team: Megan Kras & Nathan Styles
Agency: Publicis, Freelance
Country: Canada

Password: GloryDays


"endangered heartbeats"

Team: Balazs Budavari & Laszlo Polgar
Agency: DDB Budapest
Country: Hungary





"friend request from fentanyl"

Team: Federico Rusconi & Anurag Mishra
School: Miami Ad School
Country: Hamburg


"one grain margin"

Team: Lydia Tan & Nur Amyraa
School: Nanyang Technological University
Country: Singapore

Bronze (15 points)




"wake up call"

Team: Helene Wedén & PIa Styrmo
Agency: Isobar & Freelance
Country: Norway



Team: Carlo Clerici & DJ Davids
Agencies: AKQA
Country: USA

Password: ygnov


"dead signal"

Team: Evan Miguel & Jose Ramirez Evan Miguel & Jose Ramirez
Agencies: CP+B & Zimmerman
Country: USA





"deadly reviews"

Team: Hampus Elfstrom & Thomas Nguyen
School: Miami Ad School San Francisco
Country: USA



Team: Cecilia Johansen & Mariann Lunde
School: Westerdals Oslo ACT  
Country: Norway


"only two grains of fentanyl can kill you"

Team: Visarnpoing Chateakcharoen & Ei Kakiuchi
School: Academy of Art University
Country: USA


"the fentanyl album"

Team: Hampus Elfstrom & Thomas Nguyen
School: Miami Ad School San Francisco
Country: USA

Finalist (10 points)





Team: Mark Rosenberg & Leila Cranswick
Agency: Archibald Williams / 303 Mullen Lowe
Country: Australia


"if this was fentanyl"

Team: Alice Coglin
Agency: The Glue Society
Country: Australia

"fentanyl VR"

Team: Takeshi Kanamaru & Chiori Fujino
Agency: Dentsu Isobar
Country: Japan


"killer party favours"

Team: Jason Ip & JC Pinheiro
Agency: FCB/SIX
Country: Canada


"against the grain"

Team: Patrik Beky & David Tollner
Agency: HPS Group
Country: Hungary

Password: grains

"the fatal drop"

Team: Zsofi Erdei & Hargi Csik
Agency: Republic Group
Country: Hungary


"diy death kit"

Team: Emma Ziesemer & Tom Kimmorley
Agency: Redsuit Advertising & Next Thursday
Country: Australia



Team: Abigail Kalaya Kwek, Charissa Kow
Agency: TBWA
Country: Singapore



Team: Farham + Y2
Agency: Havas Worldwide Singapore
Country: Singapore



Team: Eric Djengue
Agency: Freelancer
Country: Paris


"get real high"

Team: Eri Kawamura
Agency: Dentsu Isobar
Country: Japan


"Cuz You dead"

Team: Nitin Menon & Amit Mithkar
Agency: Leo Burnett Mumbai
Country: India


"fentanyl wtf"

Team: Sofia Tang & Zoe Chung
Agency: Quietly Media Inc & Freelance
Country: Canada







Team: Rea Jabara
School: Nuova Accademia Di Belle Arti
Country: Italy


"little big issue"

Team: Sergey Pleshkov & Ivan Vlasov
School: Wordshop
Country: Russia



Team: Sergey Pleshkov & Ivan Vlasov
School: Wordshop
Country: Russia


"fail bracelet"

Team: Xinwei Zou & Jinglun Xiao
School: Academy of Art University
Country: USA


"la petite mort"

Team: Kimberly Ho & Kelly Choo
School: Nanyang Technological Universtiy
Country: Singapore


"losing secrets: a fentanyl trailer"

Team: Yap Khai Wen & Nur Ashikin Binte Idris
School: Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts
Country: Singapore


"death by f.t.a"

Team: Jereek Espiritu
School: De La Salle University
Country: Philippines