Round 2 of 8: October



Jordan has a natural talent for communicating and collaborating with people. Her commitment to understanding clients’ marketing challenges and her ease with multiple communication channels has allowed her to make a significant impact on a wide array of accounts, from car brands and telcos to fast-paced retail and packaged goods.

Jordan's work has been recognized by most major award shows, including Cannes, the One Show, the CLIO Awards, and the CASSIES. Jordan is also actively involved in the industry, participating in programs such as the Google WomenWill Conference and podcast series, the Cannes See It Be It Program, book contributions and was part of the Advertising and Design Council of Canada which works to inspire creativity and encourage the highest possible quality of work in Canada.

Most recently, she’s taken on a new challenge as the EVP, ECD at Leo Burnett Chicago.

Brief: "unconscious BIAS"

Make employers come to terms with [and act on] their own bias in the workplace.
— Jordan Doucette

Unconscious bias affects our society at large, but the workplace is arguably where it has the most negative impact, as our social mobility is dependent on it.

Unfortunately, the industry we all work in (or want to work in soon) is no exception.

For years, we’ve heard the need for a more diverse workforce (whether it’s racial, gender, sexual-orientation, religion, political, economic status diversity etc). And yet, despite some pockets of progress (notably the 3% movement), we keep coming up short.

Unconscious bias keeps the top echelons of our industry scarily homogenous.

So this brief isn’t about trying to make the world a better place - it’s about trying to make our industry a better place.

Come up with an idea, a campaign or a movement that will make employers and hiring managers come to terms with their own bias in the workplace. Beyond awareness, we want them to act and start correcting the situation.



Deadline for Round 2 is October 31st 2018, 11:59pm Los Angeles time.