Final Round: April

génifère legrand, chief creative officer, c2.

“As C2’s great visionary, Génifère holds the reins of the company’s creative process. The driving force behind the magic of C2, she weaves artistry, showmanship and attention to detail together to deliver truly unique “wow” moments. Génifère oversees the content and event programming for C2’s flagship conference as well as the design and execution of its international events. She also spearheads the company’s ongoing efforts to become the largest environmentally certified event of its kind. Prior to joining C2, Génifère was the director of artistic and equestrian operations at equestrian entertainment company Cavalia.”


Genifere Legrand.jpg
Accelerate the adoption of alternatives to animal farming, globally
— Genifère Legrand

Industrial animal farming has taken scary proportions - from fish to dairy, and of course red meat, saying we’ve been exhausting our resources at an unsustainable pace would be a massive understatement.

Understandably, big money is being spent trying to find solutions: tech giants are investing heavily, meat factories are going plant-based and new companies offering alternatives are born every day.

That’s why this challenge is about solving the other side of the equation.

I want you to accelerate the adoption of alternatives to animal farming, globally.

Your idea can be attached to a private company, an NGO or even government, as long as gets people to discover these alternative products and include them in their diets.



Deadline April 30th 2019, 11:59pm Los Angeles time.