Round 5 of 8: January

natarajan vytheswaran, OWNER/DIRECTOR, KULT

Raja has nearly 20 years experience in advertising and communication in MNC agencies that include Bates, Saatchi & Saatchi and DDB. He has worked on global to local projects with brands ranging from Heineken to Reebok.

Currently, Raja is the owner of Kult3D, a creative agency, urban art gallery and magazine publisher. 

They conceptualise and curate experiential marketing platforms  that generate creative content by utilizing a network of over 1,000 multi-disciplinary talent from around the world.

This leads to greater and more meaningful brand engagement with consumers.


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Make millenials [in a city of your choice] consider visiting Singapore... using outdoor media.
— Raja

Your product: Singapore.

Your audience: Millenials, from a large cosmopolitan city of your choice. These are university students and young professionals still looking to travel while young, to experience the world and different cultures.

Your challenge: Singapore is often overlooked by young travelers. At best Singapore acts as a pit stop that millenials quickly land in then leave to get to the more exotic and party centric Asian locations like Bangkok and Bali. Or they head to the intense hustle and bustle of Hong Kong or Shanghai.

Your opportunity: Singapore is a central point in the world. It’s a cultural melting pot when it comes to food, art, experiences and people. And there is a lot more of an underground creative scene than the smiling tourist ads and ultra-clean, ultra-strict perceptions would have you believe. At Kult, we’re just one of many creative collectives who’ve been building this culture in Singapore for over a decade.

Your mission: Pick a cosmopolitan city. Now convince the millenials in that city to consider Singapore for their next holiday. The key word is consider. Holidays aren’t impulse purchases. You ponder them. You research them. I want your idea to spark the flame that Singapore is a place worth looking into a little more.

How you’ll do it: Because of the short timeframe to turn this brief around, I want to narrow your thinking to just outdoor media. Show me how you’ll spark a millenials interest in Singapore via a great copy line or visual on a billboard, on a bus poster or on a train ad. You can come up with one singular idea or a campaign. And if you want to explode your thinking out into a full integrated campaign, be my guest. But the main thing I will be looking for in my judging is a great idea, built on a great insight about your target audience.

When your audience wakes up in the morning they won’t be thinking about Singapore.

By the time they go to bed, I want to see how you’ll have got Singapore on their mind.

Good luck!



Deadline January 31s 2019, 11:59pm Los Angeles time.